Style Range

Our coconut and citrus-scented matt finish clay gives you texture, hold, definition, and control, in a natural finish. Subtle, strong, and stylish.

Our medium-hold fiber gum is ideal for natural shine, playful texture, and curls. A nice workable product with a fresh bubblegum scent.

A high-gloss, classic finish is delivered with our medium-hold pomade — subtle passion fruit scent and water soluble to allow easy wash out.

Salt spray: Our gritty salt spray adds texture and volume, helping to build a feeling of thickness, a touch of coconut and mandarin is added to capture that effortless 'surf' feel.

Shaper: Our strong-hold styling option. The subtle vanilla-scented cream delivers extreme hold and definition, whilst staying pliable enough for re-shaping. Great for adding texture and control.