Startup Sessions

These will involve a visit from the Flagship Captain to provide you with all required information for housekeeping, setup, and core Barbership collections.

Refresh Sessions

These will be conducted to ensure all new crew members are introduced to collections and regulations.

These may be by either a visiting Captain or by visiting the Flagship.

Product Sessions

These are delivered to enhance product knowledge and confidence. Sessions can be catered to suit ranges or whole collection.

Intro Sessions

These are geared to those who have never cut men's hair or beards before — a basic introduction to get to grips with initial techniques.

 Staff Days

Great for CPD, staff enrichment, and to boost areas of services/retail in your establishment. We show you what we do, why we do it, and how you can too. Contact us to be able to really tailor the training.

Shave Facials

Intro: This one-day course is designed to take you from no prior knowledge or skill (Powder Monkey) to a competent level (Deck Hand). This will include theory and practical workshops.

Refresh: This is a follow-up option where you will have a second day visit for a 'blade confidence' session and fine-tune your 'process protocol'.


These one-day courses will be catered for your specific needs, whether a case of building confidence or learning technique.

Your Place: You will have a day visit that will take you through some base knowledge and skills ideal for a team or CPD.

Mine: You will be able to join the team at the flagship shop in Castle Road to join the team for a day. This is more suited to individuals.