History of The Barbership

When we set out to make The Barbership seaworthy in Southsea, we sought to design and build a men’s grooming experience that was fresh in its craft and professionalism but anything but new in its style: an aged aesthetic enveloping a welcoming, friendly, and stylish barbershop that goes beyond all modern expectations, striking the perfect balance between old and new, inspired by our island city of Portsmouth and the perfect convergence of its wealth of modern artistic culture with its rich maritime history.

We knew we’d achieved our aims when we heard a client describe entering The Barbership as like walking into a Portsmouth barbershop from the 1500s, when piracy was at its peak.

Road to The Barbership: Tony’s Beginnings

The first haircut Tony ever did was a man’s haircut in his bedroom with his mum’s dressmaking scissors in 1984, but it was long before that that barbering first had a dramatic impact on him.

“At school I was the sensitive, artistic one of the gang and my mum cut my hair right up until the age of fourteen. It was a trip to the local barbers that not only transformed me from a scruffy kid to one of the ‘cool gang’, but also enabled me to start experimenting with my appearance, growing in confidence all the time.”

Ultimately, this gave Tony the direction he needed to use his artistic qualities to create what has, with hindsight, been an incredibly vibrant and successful hairdressing career.

Unifying & Diversifying

In 2014, Tony was the first hairdresser in his area to launch his own range of male grooming products, on par with the top London barbershop products used at brands like Murdock London and Urban Outfitters. These proved a runaway success, being stocked not only in Tony’s salon but in shops in his region.

It was the skyrocketing sales of the male grooming products which sparked Tony’s desire to turn the embers of an idea for a new barbershop into a new experience for the male population of Portsmouth and the wider Hampshire region.

He set out to launch a contemporary barbershop providing men’s haircutting, beard trims, wet shaves, and other bespoke services, including men’s colouring, from subtle blending of grey hair and beards to up-to-the-minute fashion looks.