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It’s been almost a year since The Barbership set sail. We have a compassionate crew, we’ve won awards, and we’ve gained national recognition for our unique approach to the age-old tradition of barbering.

Now, we're ready to grow the fleet, by opening up our second site.

Funding the Future of The Barbership

The Captain of The Barbership is recruiting a crew to help expand his expedition — 20 trusty shipmates to help raise the anchor, set the sails, and help fund the future of the fleet.

The Captain is offering five years of barbering services aboard The Barbership — barbering skills which are heralded and renowned across the seven seas — and a treasure chest of golden goodies, plus the satisfaction you’ll get from investing in a small independent barbering business, in return for £1,000.

Your contribution to this expedition will fund the construction of the second ship, all of the equipment necessary for the voyage, and of course, the parrots we’ll need to send messages to the expectant public about our glorious new vessel.

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